E P 2 : four years strong; tenek are virtually unstoppable...
Oct 2007 saw tenek release their first EP. Since then, with each new recording the band continued to grow both musically and in the live arena where they have gained a substantial worldwide fanbase. EP2 brings tenek full-circle. It celebrates their beginnings and offers a foretaste of what is ahead for the third tenek album...
Available from Monday 10th October on CD & mp3 EP2 features brand new material from Tenek for 2011. The romantic "What Do You Want?" features none other than Chris Payne on Violin. Chris played with Gary Numan from 1979 to 1989 and contributed the awesome violin solos for such tracks as "Complex", "The Joy Circuit" and "Cold Warning".
Also included on the EP is another brand new song “Elusive” and alternate versions of two of the most popular tracks from their current album "On The Wire". These serve to remind us of how great tenek's song writing can be and add yet another perspective to some of their best work to date.
E P 2 REVIEWS...      

Reviewer: Octavian from Viva Music (www.darkwave.ro) - Rating 9/10

For some reason or other, the news of a new release from Tenek is always gladdening. We have witnessed this with their past releases, and now the news of their “EP2” coming in early October with Toffeetones Records is coming right to us. Especially as this is tell-tale of work in progress, and we are indeed able to see or better said listen through the EP what their next full-length release is going to be like. And frankly, it’s going to be really something.

While the band advances in their artistic progress, the already perfect 4-year old act refined their arsenal and they are getting the best out of the notion of new material. And what they do is amazing. In addition to very appetizing versions of tracks we were familiar with, such as their “On the Wire” gems “Higher Ground” and “The Art of Evasion” the new tracks, full-length and radio versions of which will be provided in the EP release, are very emotional pieces.

“What Do You Want” is provocative, teasing and the sound keeps the melancholic vein of “On the Wire” adding on top of it resplendency and an energy that sounds really great in combination. “Elusive”, who semantically draws upon the same scheme that gave “The Art of Evasion” is just as much a very contemporary song and an unnamed tribute to our beloved music of the 1980's – with a very good edge and powerful magnetism.