--Louis Gordon -----E.S.T. / The Motion Picture Event Of The Year (Special Edition) ----TOFF0015SE (Jul 2009)
"It's not what you do... it's how you react..."
EST Audio Previews:  
Electric Shock Treatment
This Air (Album Version)
Thunderbirds Alright
The Motion Picture Event Of The Year Previews:  
Blindfold The Atom (Pt 2)
  ELECTRIC SHOCK TREATMENT : A semi-autobiographical look through the magic eye of Louis Gordon. E.S.T. takes you on an emotional road-trip of sound from hardcore electricals to trippy psychedelia and beyond. It simply defies categorisation!  
  THE MOTION PICTURE EVENT OF THE YEAR: This companion piece to E.S.T. takes a breathtaking journey through the eyes of a child growing up in the '70s. Adorned with lush orchestral strings and spikey guitar/synthesiser solos, The Motion Picture perfectly extends the themes of E.S.T. and takes you places you never expected to be...  
  Toffeetones presents: this special limited edition double album of Louis' finest work to-date. Available as a beautifully packaged 8 page fold-out digipack, (yes... printed card like albums used to be!). The artwork contains stunning photographs by Malcolm Cartledge and collages from Louis' magic eye! These albums are also available to download separately as high quality MP3 albums...  
Instant digital mp3 download versions available: