--MARTIN CARRADUS -----A N A L O G (art pack) -----TOFF0010 (Feb 2009)
A N A L O G: join Martin Carradus on his journey into the golden
age of synthesizers: where reverbs still had a spring in their step,
pedals had names like 'Electric Mistress', tuning was an ongoing
battle, sounds were obese and knobs were tailor made to be
fiddled with!
This is a rare gem that stands out in a push-button world...
There are not many people that have an extensive vintage collection of synthesizers and effects such as Martin - which is why there are not many albums being made like this or sound like this.   'Analog' has a very dark and brooding feel to it but wherever you place it, you cannot escape the rich warmth of the sounds and the uniqueness you only get when fiddling about with old gear.
This album is beautifully presented in a special art digipack and comes in a very limited edition.