--GORDON & GUNN -----------The Shortwave Sessions -------------TOFF0011 (Dec 2008)
THE SHORTWAVE SESSIONS: is a very special album from
Louis Gordon and Matt Gunn (aka Toffeetronic). It features the
highlights of six hours of spontaneous recorded material when
Louis and Matt got together in October 2008, set up their gear
and decided to see what would happen!
Matt explains: "We played nearly everything live, the only programming was from our drum machines that played along with us. This has given the "Shortwave Sessions" a retro, simplistic sound and style that you can only achieve when you actually use your fingers!   Six hours later we stopped... not because we wanted to but because the local police paid us a visit and asked us to. Being fine pillars of the community we co-operated fully with the local constabulary".

Our equipment ranged from old synths, shortwave radio, dictaphone, megaphone, bass, guitar, electric pads, numerous delays and a CD playing random Radiophonic style sci-fi effects. Once we had the gear in position we set about making some noise! Nothing was worked out before-hand except for a few lyrics scribbled on a beer mat. That was the whole idea. To see what would happen!

  The six hours of non-stop material was later spliced and diced at Matt's studio into a leaner one hour's worth of music. Some post-production rhythmic, spatial and sub-sonic enhancements were added by Shaun Brooks at his Dubsounds studio and the "Shortwave Sessions" album was born! The results are raw, intense, ambient, mad and melodic; in-fact surprisingly together.
If you like your electronic ride bumpy & surreal, you'll definitely love this twisted electronic mutation...